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County Fair Tour Part 3

7/25/2013 On this beautiful, cool summer day, Kris Fish Kuhlmann, Executive Director at the Iowa 4-H Foundation, began her journey of another county fair tour for the third week this summer. As the county fair season begins to wind down, she has been to county fair when they are first kicking off, when they are in the peak of their activity, and when they are in the last few hours of closing down. Despite this being the last day of the Jasper County Fair, that didn't diminish their enthusiasm for offering 4-H opportunities. The flood of 2010 took the Jasper County Fair by big surprise and forced a major remodel of the 4-H Building, keeping them from use in 2011. They are back stronger than ever with an awesome, nearly flood-proof, facility with an all new kitchen that can be rented out for other events.  They also hold an auction for fundraising items (mostly awesome wood carvings, which they hire a carver to do each year).  They use this money for their endowment which funds a

County Fair Tour Part 2

7/19/2013 One of Iowa’s best kept secrets is the Polk Co. Fair. Located on the Iowa State Fairgrounds, this fair’s presence has the same energy and family presence similar to other county fairs. County Council flipping pancakes The County Council, who has been there since 5 am, has their annual pancake breakfast to raise funds for their activities. They have become masters at flipping pancakes just 10 minutes before closing time. Kris was lucky enough to catch both the dairy and meat goat shows.  Andrew Vincent of the Alleman Aces 4-H Club says that their family has modified their diet to incorporate a meat product they raise. It has the nutritional content similar to chicken, and can be used to replace nearly anything one would put ground pork or beef in.  Kris says, "I've never had a goat burger, but he makes me want to try one!" Andrew Vincent preps his goat for the show  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7/19/2

Coin Wars!

The Iowa 4-H Foundation will be raising money to promote 4-H growth in the counties at the Iowa State Fair. We need your help! Here is how the game works: The Iowa 4-H Foundation will host a county endowment coin wars competition from August 8 th – 12 th from 10 AM- 5 PM at the 2013 Iowa State Fair. This competition will be located at the Iowa 4-H Foundation booth in the Iowa 4-H Exhibits Building. There will be 5 jars, each representing 5 county areas in Iowa. Here are the counties represented in each area:   Central Northeast Northwest Southeast Southwest Boone Allamakee Buena Vista Appanoose* Adair Dallas Black Hawk Calhoun Benton Adams Hamilton* Bremer Clay Cedar Audubon* Hardin Buchanan* Cherokee Clinton Carroll Humboldt Butler* Dickinson Davis* Cass Jasper Cerro Gordo Emmet Des Moine

Oldest County Fair in Iowa

7/12/13 To conclude this week's travel across Iowa to county fairs, the Iowa 4-H Foundation Executive Directior, Kris Fish Kuhlmann, made a stop at the Lee County Fair. Little did we know, that this fair is actually Iowa's oldest county fair, founded in 1841! Lee County has a very strong emphasis & presence upon livestock.  They are proud to say that they were the first in Iowa to showcase such competition and create "learn by doing."  Like all county fairs, heavily dependent upon volunteers, Frank & Betty are significant contributors to make it all happen.    Speaking of volunteers, they have a Fair Board with a very visible presence... not hard to find in their matching shirts.  Director Lindsey & President Brian were extremely cordial and welcoming.  So were the rest of them at the hog show.  Living history farm replica   They have a beautifully modern youth center, which plays host to year-round 4-H festivities.  The same goe

County Fair Tour

7/11/13 The Iowa 4-H Foundation Executive Director, Kris Fish Kuhlmann, stopped for a visit at the Central Iowa Fair in Marshalltown, Marshall County , this morning. Here are a few of the photos from her visit. Where will she stop next? Stay tuned!   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   7/11/13 This afternoon, Kris stopped by the Cedar County Fair in Tipton. She had a great time exploring the fair and seeing the different things that they had to offer. At the Cedar County Fair, they sell breads, pastries, cookies, and pies after being judged, and its hard to not take them all home. She loved the "AWESOME silent auction packages for sale in the 4-H building!"  On to the next.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   7/11/13 The next stop was the Iowa County Fair in Marango, Iowa. It was a pretty terrific fair stop for Kris, and she really enjoyed what they had to offer. She loved how they incorporated the State Confere