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Welcome to the beginning of the Iowa 4-H Foundation Blog. In hopes to connect former 4-Hers, the Iowa 4-H Foundation is excited to hear stories, how 4-H has impacted your life, and just things you want the Iowa 4-H Program to know. Discussions will be posted every so often, and feel free to bring up any topic or memory you have of 4-H. Keep in mind future contests which may include videos, pictures, and personal 4-H stories. Check out the following other ways you can connect with 4-H online: Facebook ( ): Search Iowa 4-H Foundation and be apart of our group as well as our fan page! We will keep events updated here as well as current 4-H news. is our website and a great way to donate to the program and find out what is currently going on with 4-H. Visit this address ( ) to see the details of last summers 4-H Truck Raffle. Pictures, videos and blog posts can all be found.