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5 Reasons Why 4-H is Lifelong

1.   Education :   4-H is education for life that uses a hands-on approach.   4-H prepares youth for higher education and potential careers by emphasizing life skills such as problem solving and critical thinking.   When members participate in activities such as creating a project or developing a nutritional plan for livestock, learning is taking place without being noticed.   4-H has a special way of creating many learning experiences that are fun and engaging for 4-H members.   It has been proven that 4-H members are two times more likely to get better grades in school and are two times more likely to attend college than individuals that don’t partake in 4-H. 2.   Companionship:   4-H members share many common interests with one another such as static projects, livestock, or working exhibits.   There is always another 4-H or family member that shares the same interests.   Common interests are quite often the foundation for creating lifelong friendships and memories.   Fri