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Alumni Spotlight: Allison & Bryan Whaley

Allison (Howard County) and Bryan (Tama County) Whaley can credit their marriage to 4-H. National 4-H Congress brought the two together where they met for the first time and never looked back. They continue to be very involved with 4-H in many ways as they now have two children who are in the program and Bryan also serves as the Regional Director for ISU Extension and Outreach. In addition to volunteering, the Whaley's continue to financially support National Congress so that others can get the experience that they got. It is clear that 4-H has impacted their lives and remains a very important part. While in 4-H, Bryan was a State 4-H Officer on the 1991-92 State 4-H Council and Allison was a member of the 1992-93 State 4-H Council. Bryan’s main projects were sheep, beef, swine, animal science, welding, food and nutrition, and child development. Allison was active in several project areas including horse, dog, communications, veterinary science, food and nutrition, home improv