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The Faces of Iowa 4-H: Abbie Parker

Name: Abbie Parker Current Position: Program Specialist (4-H Center) Hometown: Fort Dodge, Iowa Education: Degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Outdoor Education from Iowa State University. Past Work Experiences: Worked at Geneva Point Shire, a camp in New Hampshire for two years. Camp counselor and Intern for the 4-H Center from 2004 to 2007. Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, kayaking, sports, working with youth! Ultimate Goal in 4-H: To get every 4-H member to attend the 4-H Camp in the summer! I went out to the 4-H center and had the chance to visit with the Camp Director, Abbie Parker. We walked around the camp and I got to see a few of the different villages and cabins. I was pleasantly surprised by how large the center was. There was so much land and it was obvious that there are tons of things to do and so many opportunities for kids to participate in during the summer. Abbie highlighted on the fact that there are 25 specialty and combined camps. There