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Iowa 4-H'ers Got Talent at the Iowa State Fair

Forget Susan Boyle and David Hasselhoff. Britain and America may have talent, but so do Iowa’s former 4-H’ers. They’ll have a chance to show it during Alumni 4-H’ers Got Talent, Thursday, Aug. 13 at the Iowa State Fair. Former 4-H members from across the state are invited to perform on the main stage of the 4-H Exhibit Building in this second annual Share-the-Fun competition specifically for alumni, said Shelly Greving, marketing coordinator for the Iowa 4-H Foundation. Share-the-Fun is 4-H’s version of a talent show. 4-H youth first perform at the county level and top acts compete at State Fair. “Alumni 4-H’ers Got Talent is open to 4-H alumni who may or may not have participated in Share-the-Fun when they were in 4-H. We’re looking for talent in all ages, shapes and forms,” Greving said. “As long as the individual performer or at least one member of a group is a former 4-H’er, just about anything goes.” Applications are available from the Iowa 4-H Foundation Web site, http://www

Meet the '09 Iowa 4-H Clover Corolla Interns!

Meet Maddi Maddi Sieck grew up in Glenwood, Iowa and is currently a senior in Advertising at Iowa State University. She loves to golf, paint and play piano. Maddi is the Iowa 4-H Foundation Marketing Intern working with Silas to schedule, promote, and exhibit the '09 Iowa 4-H Clover Corolla Raffle. They are traveling all over Iowa to county and state events selling tickets and raising money for 4-H in Iowa! If the Clover Corolla isn’t coming to your county - catch up with Maddi and Silas at the Iowa State Fair in the 4-H Exhibit building! D.B. Why doesn’t the U.S. drop daisies on other countries to let them know we love them? M.S. 1) We don't have enough daisies. 2) Some people might have allergies. I propose we drop cupcakes on other countries. Cupcakes are smaller versions of cakes, and are in no way offensive, they would also help feed the hungry! D.B. Would you rather be able to stop time while you slept or never need to do laundry? M.S. I hate doing laundry! So I would s

4-H News

Calling all Iowa 4-H Alumni: Alumni 4-Her’s Got Talent! A Share-the-Fun competition for all past 4-H’ers! Former Iowa 4-Her’s are invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Alumni Share-the-Fun competition, Alumni 4-H’ers Got Talent! On the evening of Thursday, August 13th, 2009, former 4-H’ers from across the state will perform a variety of acts on the Main Stage of the 4-H Exhibit Building at the Iowa State Fair. We’re looking for talent in all ages, shapes, and forms, to apply today! As long as one member is a former 4-Her, anything goes! A committee will review the applications, due July 20th, 2009 and select a variety of performers. To apply go to: 2009 4-H Research Studies Last month we announced the updates to the 4-H research. The national longitudinal study of the Positive Development of Youth called Waves of the Future is now available online. Find out how 4-H is making a difference across the

Can anybody spare a wedding dress?

The wedding dress that you no longer need could get a new life as a deconstructed and reconstructed new designer garment. All you have to do is donate it to the Iowa 4-H Foundation for the Stitch This! fashion design competition at the Iowa State Fair Aug. 21-22. We got the idea for Stitch This! as a way to use the nine wedding dresses that didn’t sell at last year’s 4-H auction. We’d get nine teen teams -- one per dress. Then, over the course of two days at the Iowa State Fair, each team would take the dress apart and use their creativity to design and construct a wearable garment from the pieces. Each team would be paired with an Iowa State University Textiles and Clothing student who would provide direction and overall expertise on patternmaking and construction. Well, we have been overwhelmed by the response. We have applications from 50 individuals for a total of 14 teams. (You can view video applications from some of the teams on the Iowa 4-H YouTube Channel,

We want to hear from YOU!

First let me introduce myself! I am DeEtta Bohling, daughter of Lynn and Elaine Bohling of Greenfield, Iowa. I’m a ’09 Communication Arts/ Public Relations graduate of Wartburg College. I am a former State 4-H Council member, National 4-H Congress delegate and National 4-H Conference delegate. Some of my greatest memories and friends have come from experiences within the 4-H program. My little brother, Hank is in his first year of 4-H and enjoying every minute of it! I have enjoyed watching him work with his chickens, practice his club demonstration, and grow with the help of the 4-H program. I have a passion for the Iowa State Fair and have spent the last two summers as an intern at the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation. This summer, I am working at the 4-H Foundation as the Events and Social Networking Intern. I am coordinating the Stitch This! event, 4-H Alumni Day at the State Fair, Alumni Talent Show and connecting with many 4-H’ers through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and