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Story County Milford Hustlers 4-H History

Story County 4-H volunteers are hard at work this summer compiling photos, stories and contacts from their history. They have been sharing those photos and stories with the 4-H Foundation and we'd like to share them with you. Here are photos that were pulled from the book Milford Twp and Proud of It! by authors Dale Hughes and Jurine Borton (Moore). Both are former Story County 4-H'ers from the Milford Hustlers in the late 1940's and early 1950's. The photos are from Milford Township 4-H clubs in the late 1930's-1960's. The number indicated behind each name is the year they graduated from Milford Township. 1939 - In 1964 this group photo was taken of the first Story County Fair Board of 1939. This was 25 years after this Board developed and built the first buildings on present site in the then SW corner of Nevada. Pictured from left are TC Henryson, Story City; Victor Rilery, Ames; Otis Warren, Milford Twp; Dick Jay, Ames, who was the first board president;

Congratulations to Former Iowa 4-H'er Max Hammond!

Congratulations to former Iowa 4-H'er Max Hammond on being included in Florida's 4-H Hall of Fame! Below is the article, as posted on the University of Florida's 4-H Youth Development website. Florida 4-H Hall of Fame 1999-2009: Max Hammond A 4-H alumnus markets Brahman cattle with success and finds time to give back to 4-H. Max Hammond was a member of the “Farm Record” 4-H club in Iowa in 1926-1927. He graduated from high school in 1927 and began his career traveling the fair circuit in the western and Midwestern United States showing purebred cattle. At age 95, Hammond says that he believes 4-H was an important influence on his life, but also hopes that he has left 4-H with a legacy, saying, “I hope I’ve had more impact on 4-H than 4-H had on me.” In 1933 he joined the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Subtropical Research Station at Brooksville as a herdsman. In 1948, he became ranch manager at the W.H. Stuart Ranch in Bartow, Florida, a purebred Brahman cattle o

Winneshiek County Thanks Donors

We often hear from the clubs and communities who receive support from the Iowa 4-H Foundation. Here is the latest letter we received from the Turkey Valley Clovers 4-H Club in Winneshiek County . "It seems quite ironic that I sit down to finally thank you and share some photos with you on the 2-year anniversary of the "Floods of 2008." Fort Atkinson, Iowa was one of the many communities affected by those floods and after 2 years and many hours of volunteer labor we now have a beautiful ball field. In March of 2009, the Turkey Valley Clovers 4-H Club held their annual benefit bake sale. Members brought baked breads, pies, cakes, cookies, bars, and many other tasty treats. We hold our bake sale in conjunction with the local volunteer fire department's pancake and sausage breakfast. We help with bussing tables, pouring drinks, and serving and they allow us to have our bake sale so we both benefit from the partnership. At our 2009 bake sale we made $679.00 and when