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Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Myers

The roots of a small business can be traced back to 4-H sparking a passion for creating. Michelle Myers was a member of the Bear Grove Blazers in Atlantic, Iowa. With too many favorite 4-H memories to count, Myers says the county fair was always the best week of the year growing up. And all the long hours she spent in the barn with her calves. 

Myers was involved in a variety of projects through 4-H. She participated in sewing, baking, refinishing furniture, photography and of course livestock, showing cattle, pigs and sheep. “4-H most definitely sparked my passion for creating and loving agriculture through the projects I took to fair and worked on through the year!” said Myers.

Myers’ experience in 4-H also gave her life skills. Having a conversation with a judge and “selling” them on a project or getting up in front of her 4-H group to give an educational presentation. Those are skills Myers still utilizes in her everyday life and career.

Currently Myers lives in Atlantic and is a Grain Buyer at a local ethanol plant. She also has a side business out of her home called Dirt Road Candle Co. Myers started making candles as something to do when her husband (farmer + seed salesman) was working long hours. It has turned into quite the business!

“It's really the perfect creative outlet for a 4-H girl who had time on her hands and couldn't sit still,” said Myers. She also loves to quilt, knit, and refinish furniture in her free time. 

Through the 4-H Program, Myers says she learned responsibility and the value of a hard day’s work. She acknowledges that she would have learned how to bake bread or care for livestock without being in 4-H, however, there are important life skills that have helped further her career and even start her own candle business that are directly tied to being involved in Iowa 4-H.

“The 4-H program teaches kids valuable life skills and career skills to help them develop professionally at a young age. One hundred percent the best program to invest your time and resources in!” said Myers.

Her advice to current 4-H’ers is to immerse yourself in all there is to do, you will miss it when it’s over.

If you are looking for a fun way to support Dirt Road Candle Co. and give to the 4-H Program at the same time, Myers donates money to Iowa 4-H for every purchase of her “County Fair” candle. Check it out here!


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