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Crops to Cash

Giving the Gift of Grain   If you ask Eastern Iowa farmer Steve Tubbs why he donates through the Gifts of Grain Campaign his response is a simple two words, “Why not?” For him, donating to Iowa 4-H through this simple campaign is a no-brainer, and in his opinion it is the easiest way for farmers to donate funds to the Iowa 4-H program.  “4-H is something I believe in,” said Tubbs. “It’s a family tradition passed down to each generation, so we’ve had a family member in 4-H for the last four generations.” This family tradition is even carried out through his grandkids who are located in the heart of Iowa’s capital city, the most urban location in the state. “4-H is a lot different now than when I was in it, which I would say is a good thing,” he said. For Tubbs, his 4-H story focuses on the memories in club shows and 4-H camp. It is because of these experiences, as Tubbs explains, that he is an Iowa 4-H Foundation donor. “Then, and still today, the 4-H program has been about oppo