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Monday, June 2, 2014

Staff Spotlight - Carter Collins, Marketing Intern

For Carter, 4-H was something he couldn't wait to do...until his best friend Spencer, left, was old enough to join. This means Carter didn't join Iowa 4-H until the fifth grade. "Looking back it was a really strange reason for me not to join," Carter said when looking back on his reasoning. "My sister was in an all girls club, my best friend was younger, and I was just so scared of starting this thing called 4-H all on my own."

Even missing an entire year didn't hold him back from taking full advantage of Iowa 4-H. Carter went on numerous trips through 4-H including one to Chicago with students across the state, he participated in every 4-H and extension council locally, and went on to become the Top 4-H'er of Franklin County in 2011.

Besides 4-H leaders and extension staff Carter said one of his biggest influences in 4-H was his mom. "She was not a 4-H member, but when my sister join it didn't take long for her to become a firm believer in 4-H," Carter said. "When she talks about it with other parents she always says, 'There is no other program in the world that has an endless amount of opportunities to get young boys and girls to learn and grow into the young men and women we need today' and that quote has struck with me everywhere I go as an ambassador for 4-H." Learn more about Carter in the Q&A session below. Carter first became the 4-H Foundation Marketing intern in summer of 2013, however Carter returned to the Foundation last month to continue his internship experience.

Q: Describe 4-H in one sentence.

A: 4-H is hard work, rewarding, and the most outstanding youth development program ever created.

Q: What does the Iowa 4-H Foundation mean to you?

A: The Iowa 4-H Foundation is an entity that was created to ensure the Iowa 4-H Center was alive and well as long as 4-H'ers wanted it. Over the course of its history it has grown into ensuring the Iowa 4-H program delivered through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is available to any youth in Iowa no matter how many dollars they or their families fave in their pockets. The Iowa 4-H Foundation helps makes sure 4-H is here to stay for me, my younger peers, and the young Iowan's yet to be born in Iowa.

Q: Best part of your job is...

A: I have the chance everyday to help promote the Iowa 4-H Foundation mission, which I believe is key to the success of the Iowa 4-H Program mission. This job allows me to give 4-H my all as a proud alumnus, and I have to chance to help share other 4-H'ers stories to show just how live changing the 4-H program is today.

Q: What advice would you give a young 4-H'er?

A: There are millions of opportunities outside your club, outside your county, and outside your state. All you have to do is ask a 4-H professional and they will connect you with so many opportunities you'll have to pick and choose from all of them. My greatest 4-H experiences were with fellow 4-H'ers from all across Iowa and you never know how those people you meet will effect your life down the road in life.

Q: A famous Barbra Walters question: If you were a tree, what tree would you be?

A: An oak tree. Because they have strong massive branches, and I like to believe my branches or connections in life are built on strong relationships.