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Alumni Spotlight Lana Shope

From Food and Nutrition Projects at the county fair, to winning state recognition for her pies and pastries, this 4-H alum used her time in 4-H to whisk up a passion for baking.  Lana Shope was a member of the Chester Stars 4-H Club in Poweshiek County and the Columbia Climberettes 4-H Club in Tama County. She served on the Tama County Council and went to the Washington D.C. Leadership Conference. Shope loved the food and nutrition project area, but also participated in sewing, home improvement, educational presentation, and showed dairy cattle.  “Farm work is hard, but the fair was an invitation to have fun with family and friends,” said Shope. Shope said she learned great leadership skills and gained a greater awareness of her strengths throughout my time in 4-H. While watching her parent’s leadership in 4-H as club leaders and mentors, Shope learned what it meant to be a leader. 4-H fed into her competitive personality, which is why she continued to sharpen her skills after 4-H.  Af