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4-H'er Feature: JD Bumgarner

  Inspiring creativity through welding JD Bumgarner has been in 4-H since 6 th grade as a member of two 4-H clubs in Clay County, the Meadow Motivators and a shooting sports club. His favorite project areas are creating pieces for the Bucket of Junk Challenge and visual arts. “I have always been interested in designing and drawing things.   Even when I was little, I would help my Dad put things together without having to look at the directions, which is a good thing since I have trouble reading,” JD says. JD has Cerebral Palsy, a brain injury, which makes it harder for him to process information quickly. His favorite types of classes have always been art classes, where he gets to use his creativity. And now that creativity has turned into a business. Through JD’s Creations, JD makes creative metal art and wood products for sale. His business was born after his mom signed him up for a 4-H Bucket of Junk Challenge. “The 4-H Bucket of Junk Challenge gave me the opportunity to d