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The Magic of an Iowa County Fair is as Strong as Ever

The following article was published in the Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman's Editorial Section on July 28, 2010. It was written by Rita Cook, an intern with the Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers. It is a strong tribute to the impact 4-H and county fairs have on youth and their development of key life skills such as public speaking, creating and achieving goals, coping with the disappointment and being humble with accomplishment. The Magic of an Iowa County Fair is as Strong as Ever Cowboy singer Chris LeDoux said it best: “Well, there’s a full moon in the western sky, and there’s magic in the air. Ain’t nothin’ I know of, can make you fall in love, like a night at the county fair.” Kids and their parents from all over the nation congregate to exhibit their 4-H and F FA projects at county fairs. Those of you who have attended a county fair before have probably felt “the magic.” For those of you that haven’t, allow me to paint you a picture. More than 30 years ago, two kids felt

Another Great 4-H Testimonial

This is the latest 4-H story we have received and we would like to share it with you. This was received from Dr. Christopher D. Hill. "My earliest memories of 4-H in Iowa started with showing model rockets at the Winnebago County Fair and giving presentations on bicycle safety that advanced to the regional Clay County Fair. My experience blossomed to include raising and showing livestock, presenting in local, area, and state settings, and much more. My three sisters and I were all able to serve as members of the State 4-H Council over several years, and I certainly will not forget days and days of fun and hard work to make the Iowa State Fair a success. 4-H is an organization that encourages Iowa's youth to become true community citizen leaders; skills that continue to help 4-H alum succeed in life. 4-H helped me to learn the importance of giving of my time and abilities while honing the proficiency of those same talents. With my family's help, 4-H helped plant the seed