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4-H Clubs to Give Helping Hand Against Hunger

If one Iowa 4-H club in one county can raise money for a local food bank, why can’t every 4-H club in every county do the same? The idea made sense to the Country Clover 4-H Club in Lucas County , so they’ve challenged every 4-H club in Iowa to make a difference in an effort they call “4-H clubs giving a helping hand against hunger.” “With so many people out of work, donations down and the holidays coming up, your local food banks are going to need help,” Country Clover Club President Josh Ruth wrote in a letter to all Iowa 4-H clubs. Ruth’s club came up with the idea as they were deciding on this year’s community service project. When they learned about the needs facing the local food bank, having their annual pizza party didn’t seem so important. Instead, they decided to donate their pizza money to their local food bank along with other contributions totaling $100. Club leader Tammie Ruth said they also plan to donate proceeds from an upcoming raffle to the food bank. “One of our