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Miss America Gives Credit to 4-H!

4-H is making headlines next to people who impact our world once again. Katie Stam, winner of Miss America 2009, credits her passion for community service to her involvement in 4-H The recently crowned Miss America from Seymour, Ind., would spend hours in 4-H performing in creative dramatics, competing at the county fair, and visiting 4-H friends with her family. She recognizes this as where she learned the values of leadership, mentorship and community service. With community service as her national platform, Stam could potentially transform the way millions of young people think about giving back to their communities and 4-H. “4-H is such an advocate for community service,” says Stam.” It encourages you to reach out to people in so many different ways.” Stam uses her 4-H background towards getting the message out about the great things that come from community service and how important and rewarding it is. Her 4-H pride is shown as she aims to get youth involved in their own

Time for 4-H Summer Camp!

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it is time to get registered for camp! Camps start as early as the first week in May, and run until the beginning of August. There are several 4-H camps available for all ages. Whether you want to stay a day, a night or a whole week - the Iowa 4-H Center has a program to offer for everyone. Here is a sample of a starting point schedule for State 4–H Camps: 7:15: Rise & Shine & Get ready for the day 7:45: Flag Raising & Cabin Clean-up 8:00: Breakfast 8:15: Day Campers Arrive 8:45: Morning Huddle Morning Program Time 9:15-11:45: Specialty Camp program focus 9:15: General Camp first program 10:45: General Camp second program Noon: Lunch 1:00: Swimming 2:00: Shower/camp store/rest time/ mail & emails distributed Afternoon Program Time 3:45: Specialty Camp program focus 3:45: General Camp cabin choice time 5:00: Day Campers Depart 6:00: Dinner 6:45: Flag lowering 7:00: Weekly themed all-camp programs (Opening ca

Proposed State Budget Concerns Foundation President

Greetings Friends of 4-H, We’re writing today to share concerns facing 4-H in Iowa. Budget cuts are happening everywhere, but one significant cut will affect the 4-H program. The Iowa House passed the Regent’s budget yesterday with a cut of $361 million to education. ISU is slated to receive $184.9 million which represents a 10.7% cut. This is significant because ISU’s cut is larger than that of the other regents’ universities. The budget bill “Senate File 470” is currently at the Senate and will then go to conference committee. We know preliminary plans are to cut approximately $4.5 million from Extension and $500,000 from the 4-H program. You can make a difference. We all know the value of Extension and 4-H to Iowa. Help us by sharing your passion for these programs and explaining specifically how they benefit you, your family, and your community. These are difficult times for many. However, the proposed cut for ISU and the resulting plan to balance the reduced budget by cutting

It’s Significant: 4-H’ers Become Better Citizens, Leaders & Communicators

A recent study has proved that 4-H builds youth skills. Dr. Richard Lerner, director of the Tufts study, reports these key findings. In 4-H, youth contribute more than non-4-H youth to: Self Family Community Society In 4-H, youth had higher scores than non-4-H youth in: • Competence • Confidence • Character • Compassion In 4-H, youth are more likely than non-4-H youth to show high: • Personal development • Family and community contribution In 4-H, youth work toward the future more than non-4-H youth through: • Higher grades • School participation • College plans In 4-H, youth are more likely to score higher than non-4-H youth in: • Selecting positive life goals • Overcoming obstacles in the way of goals In 4-H, youth are less likely than non-4-H youth to show: • Risky behavior • Depression Lerner, R. et al. (2008). The positive development of youth: Report of the findings from the first four years of the 4-H study of positive youth development. Tufts University, Institute o