Tuesday, October 1, 2013

National 4-H Week

Being green is actually not that hard, especially when it is National 4-H Week! But do you need help on coming up with ideas to celebrate 4-H? Well we are here to help!

The purpose of the 4-H Program is to highlight the program’s success and most importantly the youth that are involved in it.  Each year, during National 4-H Week, the local and county 4-H clubs/groups have the opportunity to showcase what they have gained from their membership in 4-H through activities and events at the local and county level.  The Iowa 4-H Foundation joins the rest of the nation to celebrate the organization and youth we love so much.  National 4-H Week is October 6 through the 12, 2013!

Show off your 4-H pride and join the Iowa 4-H Foundation’s mission to turn Facebook 4-H Green for a week! Take the picture below and download it as your profile picture on any of your social media pages, especially Facebook! Who doesn't love green?

Help turn Facebook 4-H green during National 4-H Week!
Use this photo as your profile picture for the week!

The Iowa 4-H Foundation would like to challenge you to celebrate the 4-H spirit throughout your town and county! Staff of the foundation will be leading the celebration of the 4-H State Office for the week! Check out our schedule below and you are encouraged to borrow, change or expand our ideas for each day!

Find some other promotional items from National 4-H to help you plan for your week of everything 4-H here!! You can also head to this blog post by University of Tennessee Extension and find 101 ways to celebrate National 4-H Week!

We encourage you to share your 4-H Week photos with us on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page. We will be updating our blog all week long with alumni stories and National 4-H Week celebrations from all across the state! You can also tag us in your Instagram Photos @ia4hfoundation and use #4HWeek. 

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