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First let me introduce myself! I am DeEtta Bohling, daughter of Lynn and Elaine Bohling of Greenfield, Iowa. I’m a ’09 Communication Arts/ Public Relations graduate of Wartburg College. I am a former State 4-H Council member, National 4-H Congress delegate and National 4-H Conference delegate.

Some of my greatest memories and friends have come from experiences within the 4-H program. My little brother, Hank is in his first year of 4-H and enjoying every minute of it! I have enjoyed watching him work with his chickens, practice his club demonstration, and grow with the help of the 4-H program. I have a passion for the Iowa State Fair and have spent the last two summers as an intern at the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation.

This summer, I am working at the 4-H Foundation as the Events and Social Networking Intern. I am coordinating the Stitch This! event, 4-H Alumni Day at the State Fair, Alumni Talent Show and connecting with many 4-H’ers through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the Iowa 4-H Foundation blog. Follow iowa4h on Twitter and tweet with us!

I am writing today to tell you we need your help! If you would like to submit a blog to share your 4-H story, discuss a current event, share a recent experience you had in working with 4-H youth/volunteers, or tell what your 4-H club or county is doing, let me know! We would love to hear from you! You can contact me at

More about DeEtta:

Q: Which would be worse—being trapped in a cage with a tarantula or rabid monkey?
A: Both would be pretty awful. Monkeys remind me of the movie Outbreak but a tarantula would be worse. It’s the only animal at the zoo that gives me chills even though it’s behind glass.

Q: Pancakes, waffles or crepes? Which is your preferred fried-cake breakfast treat?
A: Pancakes, for sure! Though, I was just eating a crêpe with bananas and Nutella in Paris last month, nothing can beat my mom’s Mickey Mouse pancakes!

Q: You meet a genie who gives you the choice of spending 10 minutes on the moon or a year traveling around Europe with a $10,000 per month expense account. Which do you choose? Why?
A: The moon. I would bring back a moon rock and sell it for $60,000. I would put some money towards a vehicle (to replace my ’93 Dodge Dakota) and some for a trip to Australia.


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Starting in 2016, Howell launched Ag News Daily as a daily news aggregate and podcast and currently serves as the president. She was also the founder of AgCulture Media LLC specializing in agricultural related video production. In 2017, she additionally started working as radio host for Your Ag Network and a reporter for This Week in Agribusiness.

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Julie’s favorite 4-H memory was when she was crowned the 1993 Iowa State Fair Queen.  “The competition was such a valuable experience and my year as Queen, representing Iowa, was phenomenal,” said Burroughs. “The opportunity was such an honor and defined my 4-H experience.” Burroughs went on to coordinate the Iowa State Fair Queen Competition of 14 years.
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He was an eight year member of the Howard Rockets and participated in swine, dog, rabbit, woodworking, rocketry, photography, communication, leadership and much more. Hanson’s favorite 4-H memory was during dog obedience class. “Dog obedience class was every Tuesday night in Ames,” said Hanson. “My 4-H leader picked me and my dog up, drove us to class with 100-ish others and we’d always go to Burger King afterwards, bonding as a group.” Hanson also met First Lady Barbara Bush in 1991 at Living History Farms and gave her a one on one presentation about tractor safety. After high school…